Dhondupling, Clement Town


Tashi Ling SC, Pokhra (Red) playing against Bylakuppe FC at Mindroling Gonpa Football Ground, Clement Town. Tashi Ling SC, Pokhra (Red) playing against Bylakuppe FC at Mindroling Gonpa Football Ground, Clement Town.

Due to the bad conditions of the football pitch at the Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School following yesterday’s uninterrupted downpour the venue of the second day’s matches had to be shifted to Mindroling Gonpa football ground.

The first match was played between Tashi Ling SC, Pokhra and Bylakuppe FC. The match’s first powerful attempt by Bylakuppe FC narrowly missed the target. The ball hit the upper pole just inches away from the net. The team from Nepal displayed their dominance in ground passes and attempted to shoot several times but Bylakuppe FC made their aggressive defence felt leaving very little room for Tashi Ling FC to score any goal. The first half remained goalless.

Aggressive play continued in the second half. Both the teams desperately tried to score as minutes ticking away. In the middle of the second half a foul committed by a Bylakuppe FC player awarded Tashi Ling FC a free-kick. The free-kick was flawlessly taken and the ball zoomed right into the net despite the strong barrier of the opponents. With a single goal lead the match tilted in favour of the team from Nepal. As minutes ticking away pressure added up to Bylakuppe FC to equalize the score but no avail. The final scores: Tashi Ling SC: 1 v/s Bylakuppe FC: 0

Delhi United played against Tashi Jong FC in the second match. The capital team made its first attempt minutes after the kick off but could not convert it. However, moments later Delhi FC was awarded a corner kick and a header ball from the offensive team felt into the net leaving no time for the defending goalie to thwart it. Seconds before the half-time whistle the carelessness of the Tashi Jong FC’s goalie cost his team dearly. The moderate-powered ball from Delhi United FC’s striker No. 10 rolled slowly through the legs of Tashi Jong FC goalie.

The confidence of Delhi United FC was palpable in the second half. Armed with confidence and aggressiveness the third goal of the match was scored. However, Tashi Jong FC, without losing their hope, fought to tooth and nail. Their industry paid them their first goal. Just before the final whistle of the match Delhi FC scored their fourth and last goal. The final results: Delhi FC: 4 and Tashi Jong FC: 1