Formation of the Tibetan National Sports Association (TNSA)
The international tours by our national squad left no doubt, that, given the proper training, our players could successfully compete at the international level. This directly led the TCV to initiate the formation of a National Sports Association with the approval of the Kashag (Cabinet) of the Tibetan Government in exile. The Association was thus legally registered as a Society under the Indian Registration of Societies Act in May 2002. The TNSA has an apex Governing Body with eight members formed from among Tibetan Government and non-governmental organization. Kasur Jetsun Pema, was the first President of Association and Ven. Karma G Youtok (Secretary, Department of Education CTA) is the new President of Association and it meets at least once a year to formulate all policies and programs.

Activities of the Association
The Association with a special emphasis on football also set up a separate unit as the Tibetan National Football Association (TNFA) with a working group of an Executive Board and a full time Executive Secretary in its Office from April 2003. Despite the lack of funds, the association has implemented a number of activities. It revived, organized and hosted the GCM Gold Cup Tournament, selected a National team, organized a coaching camp and toured Denmark again in September 2003. In October 2003, our team made its first appearance in a major Indian tournament, the Sikkim Football Associations 25th Governors Gold Cup. The Association also succeeded in selecting our first-ever National Junior Team from the various schools. It was the players first visit abroad and they gained valuable experience.

Financial Constrains Limit Our Activities
To date all activities of the Association are done on a very short-term basis and a reliance on temporary volunteers. Lack of funding has meant that the selection of teams and their coaching both at the National and junior level are done within minimum time and resources. Even organizing the GCM Gold Cup is depended much on voluntary contributions.