Tibetan Sports Association

Another drawback for the Tibetan National Team is the lack of outside exposure and experience in playing first class level of football tournaments. So far, the association is dependent only on the invitations received, if received, to play in a tournament. This too is restricted to such tournaments that can be sponsored to cover the costs of travel, boarding, lodging and other expenses.

On the other hand, there are many opportunities to play at the premier level within India if the association is able to avail them Our National Team can participate in some of the leading Football tournaments both at the national and state level, as well as with some of the leading private football clubs.

Aims and Objectives
This proposal is aimed at taking opportunities to play in tournaments within the country so that our National Team gains maximum exposure to produce confident and experienced players. Secondly, through such participation, we aim to establish better understanding and relationships with other football associations around the country.

Towards this end, the Association is already in contact with Sports Authority of India and the All India Football Federation and despite the political nature of the Tibetan situation, we are hopeful of getting a positive response from them. Through these contacts, the association hopes to enable our teams to play in at least three major tournaments within the country in a year.

The selected players undergoing training in our Training Camps will travel to the Tournament venue centers. The Association will try to get the organizers to meet the team’s expenses for participation. But where this is not possible, this proposal is essential.