Tibetan Sports Association

The best players from the yearly Inter club tournament will be selected for the Tibetan Junior National Team. Depending on the approval from the Schools, plans are that the 30 selected students will attend one School together. This will enable them to attend classes regularly and at the same time join coaching and practices on a daily basis.

Aims and Objectives
Through such regular training in one School, we aim to provide the junior team the best possible training and coaching facilities so required. The Association will have a ready team to compete whenever opportunities arise to play in any part of the country or abroad.

The eventual aim will be to groom these youngsters to gradually become the National players at the International level.

The association will form a Selection Committee to choose the best 30 players at the time of the yearly Inter Club Tournament. Once this is done, the association will decide on the School where the students can be enrolled for the academic year. When the particular school has accepted the students, special trainers will be recruited and the students will be trained in every respect of the game while at the same time attending regular classes. Local practice and friendly matches will also be arranged whenever possible.