A Dream Come True
by Brothers in Love featuring Kuku Agami

In the land where mountains peak so high
The beauty of the nature makes you cry
The wind is gently singing a song for those who care
If we stand together all for one
There's nothing left to fear

Years ago a young man had a dream
He dreamt about the making of team
Though it wasn't easy
Some things are meant to be
Do the right hold on to your faith
And the truth will set you free

Fighting for a goal
In a game so old
Everyone is doing the best he can
To make it right
Make a dream come true
It's up to me and you
Together we can overcome the troubles
That we face today
You're not alone
Not on your own

>> Rap
Not for the money, not for the fame
But for the look in their eyes and for the love of the game
For you, for me holler if you care
The world, Tibet with love and respect

Now the time has come to take the a stand
To help the ones who need a helping hand
The sun will keep on shining on those who feel the same
We will always stay together
We will always love the game

>> Chorus